1. 11 Jul

    Image is the user-friendly link on mobile

    About two years ago when I was working at Yahoo, my team spent quite some time brainstorming on the future of mobile search. We had lots of innovative ideas, many of which around intelligently guessing what users would like to do next, and thus providing them with fewer options: less typing and fewer clicks. With millions and billions of people reading and operating on their mobile devices, mobile input has always been a hassle. 

    In the past year, at my current company, Landscape Mobile, we’ve been working on mobile applications that manage images. With easy access to mobile cameras and low cost image storage, plus ever advancing image technology, people are using images more and more to capture and present information. And we believe, ‘images are the new media’.

    When the demand of easier mobile navigation meets image technology, a new product called Sight is born. Unlike any other application, Sight uses images to lead to a destination, to complete a task, and to reach out to the larger mobile web beyond what’s currently in front of you. With the first version of Sight, you can take a quick screenshot of a piece of an article and be able to retrieve the entire content, save and view it in a better format for reading. With Sight, collecting articles on the mobile web is like a true collecting act, with no interruptions of the current flow. The cross-app process is easy and effortless. 

    Sight started from a brand new perspective. It treats images as the user-friendly links on the mobile web. With Sight, one can forget about old-school PC operations: forget about typing, forget about URLs, and forget about copy-paste. You just need to take screenshots and Sight will do the rest! This is the first step to unlock the mobile web with a snap, and more exciting things are coming soon. 

    Sight is still in its infancy, and we welcome feedback from our users. Let’s work together to make Sight smarter. We look forward to hearing from you!

    By Yue Zhuge, CEO of Landscape Mobile